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Parents Feedback

“Coach Paul was incredible. He engaged the children immediately, and kept them completely enthralled and entertained for the entire time. He really does have a very special gift!
We have had so many rave reviews from the parents watching - many of whom now want to sign their children up to the classes or book their own parties.
Flynn also LOVES his new rugby ball! Thankyou!”

“Dylan loved his party he enjoyed every second of it! All the boys had lots of fun and the parents had said it was the best party they have ever been to. JP was brilliant with the children including everyone and taking time to know them and get them up playing! Also the rugby tots office team have been amazing helping me plan and organize staying in constant contact... Thank you JP and rugby tots for such a fantastic day.... Gemma and Dylan ”

“The party was absolutely fantastic! I think that because Eddie has been Alfie's coach since January helped as we already knew each other. All the children loved it and were so happy which was lovely to see, Eddie kept the attention of the children as I knew he would and it went completely smoothly. Worth every single penny! Alfie was so proud that he could show is friends how to do Rugby Tots and a few are now considering joining in the new term. I would without doubt recommend a rugby tots party to somebody, as its not the same old boring party routine, the children were exhausted and thrilled afterwards and we even convinced Eddie to decorate biscuits with us! The children loved it and the parents thought he was great and Ruby tots was a brilliant club/hobby as its so different! ”

Rugbytots ofrece fiestas de cumpleaños para niños. Los cumpleaños siguen un enfoque ligeramente diferente a las clases estándar Rugbytots poniendo mayor énfasis en juegos para el cumpleañero y sus amigos. Si a su hijo le encanta venir a las clases Rugbytots, porque no darle una fiesta para recordar? Rugbytots ofrece fiestas para niños desde los dos años hasta cumplir los cinco. Hay una serie de diferentes opciones disponibles.

Todos los paquetes de Rugbytots incluyen:

  • Invitaciones Rugbytots
  • Un regalo Rugbytots para el cumpleañero

Para más información envíe un correo electrónico a contacto@rugbytots.com.ar

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